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working in a warehouse

Foundation Repair Tips For Warehouse Owners

Posted by on Oct 19, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Foundation Repair Tips For Warehouse Owners

Your warehouse or storage center undergoes a lot of heavy use. The weight of stored products combined with the equipment used to move it and the trucks that deliver it can all put stress on your foundation. If your warehouse is also a workroom, and you have the added weight of your business’s manufacturing equipment to contend with. The following guide can help you spot foundation trouble early, while also providing you with some possible solutions to the concerns. Signs of Foundation Distress Warehouse foundations are usually in plain sight, since nothing covers the concrete floor. The appearance of any crack on the interior floor or the exterior edges of the foundation should raise alarm. Hairline cracks are the least concerning, while cracks that begin to open or gape may indicate a more severe issue. Heaved concrete is another...

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